Ice Rink Tracks
From The Streets to the Gym Floor to the Ice...


An introductory hockey program for Southern Connecticut Inner-City Schools in partnership with the Bridgeport Islanders and USA Hockey

My Mission


If provided with the right support and opportunities, all children have unlimited potential. My mission is to be a game changer in kids' lives and spark interest by introducing them to the world of hockey, a sport they might never experience otherwise. For the minority and low-income community youth within many inner cities, hockey is often unattainable; most early education gym programs do not teach hockey due to its cost and most students' inability to continue with the game, limiting access and deafening awareness. Like any sport, ice hockey provides innumerable benefits and the opportunity to develop physical literacy and important life skills. My mission is to bring hockey to inner-city families, while partnering with the Bridgeport Islanders and USA Hockey, making this sport possible for all kids!

- John Vallillo


Give Your Kids A Chance

Get “your school” (K-8) or “after school” program involved. We will arrange the time to teach some basic hockey skills. Then, we will secure ice time and introduce students to skating. They need nothing but a will to learn.  

After that, if any students want to give hockey a shot, we will work with them individually to secure entry level programs and scholarships.


 Why not give your students a chance to play? You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!

Hockey Game



Contact Us

Chance To Play is in the process of becoming a 501(c)(3). Please email for more details. Thank you!